"khayyam 2018 international exhibition of photography"
Today: Wednesday 22 May 2019
Closing Date : Sunday 18 Nov 2018

Gunther Riehle

Gunther Riehle, Germany (Nature Photographer)



Born 21.06.1962

1988 Master degree in food technology / engineering. University of Stuttgart – Hohenheim, Germany.

Photography: frequent international judge in each inhabited continent of our beautiful world. Incl. European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2015)

Successful participation (selected/awarded images) in almost all major nature wildlife competitions worldwide (Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of The Year UK, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year Germany, Montier en Der France, Memorial Maria Luisa Spain, Montphoto Spain, Asferico Italy, Oasis Italy, Birdlife South Africa, Natures Best USA, Melvita France, Golden Turtle Russia, Smithonian Institute USA, Wanderlust Photo Travel Picture of The Year UK etc.)

Photographic Society of America: APSA, Grand Master Silver, Honorary Fellow PSA China

Frequent publications in all major newspapers/magazines in Europe (for example: UK The Times, The Sun, Daily Mirror, The Guardian etc., France GEO, Germany BILD, AM, SONNTAG, RTL & etc.