"7th khayyam international exhibition of photography, 2019"
Today: Tuesday 14 Jul 2020
Closing Date : Sunday 22 Jul 1398
We could not post the catalogs due to Covid-19. We will post them as soon as possible. We will inform you by email when the catalog sent.

Leif ALVEEN, MPSA, EFIAP/p, Denmark



Leif (52 years old) is a Northern European (Danish) photographer with a lifelong interest in taking pictures. After a lengthy break from photography, he got back into it around 10 years ago, and since 2010 he has been a regular participant in international photo competitions, resulting in more than 300 awards around the globe and exhibited pictures in 80 countries.

He has no set style – it is more a case of going where the image takes him. The subject decides the treatment the picture gets, from very naturalistic to heavily photoshopped. Subjects range just as wide with a tendency towards travel images and semi-long to long exposures.

He is the former president of the Society of Danish photography (SDF) and co-founder of the Scandinavian Stella Polaris photo group.